Daniel Ridge Falls Brevard NC

daniel ridge falls brevard nc pisgah forest

Daniel Ridge Falls near Brevard. NC in the Pisgah Forest – Photo by HD Carolina

Daniel Ridge Falls, located near the charming town of Brevard in North Carolina, offers visitors a delightful mix of natural beauty and adventure. This 150-foot waterfall, also known as Tom Spring Falls or Jackson Falls, cascades down a series of rocky ledges into a peaceful pool, surrounded by a serene forest.

What to Expect

When visiting Daniel Ridge Falls, you can look forward to a feast for the senses. As you hike the trail, the waterfall’s roar fills the air, creating a soothing atmosphere. The area around the waterfall is densely forested, home to a variety of local flora and fauna. In spring and early summer, you can expect to see wildflowers dotting the trail and hear the chirping of birds native to the area.

Hiking Trail Information

The Daniel Ridge Loop trail leading to the falls is about 4 miles long. It’s rated as moderate and is popular for hiking, walking, and nature trips. Most hikers spend about 2 to 3 hours on the trail, depending on their pace and how long they rest at the waterfall. The trail has a few steep sections and can be slippery after rainfall, so good hiking shoes are recommended.

The trailhead for Daniel Ridge Falls is located in the Pisgah National Forest, off the unpaved FS 475 (also known as the Davidson River Road).


From Brevard, take US-276 N to the entrance of Pisgah National Forest. Turn left onto FS 475 and follow this road for about 4 miles until you reach the Daniel Ridge Loop trailhead on your right.

Nearby Towns and Attractions

Brevard, a nearby town, is known as the “Land of Waterfalls” with over 250 waterfalls in the surrounding area. It’s also home to the white squirrel, a local curiosity. The downtown area boasts several art galleries, boutiques, and delicious eateries.

For those interested in outdoor activities, the Pisgah National Forest provides opportunities for mountain biking, camping, fishing, and wildlife viewing. The Pisgah Center for Wildlife Education and the Cradle of Forestry are two educational attractions that provide insights into the area’s rich natural history.

The scenic Blue Ridge Parkway is also a short drive away, perfect for a leisurely drive with numerous overlooks offering breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

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