Dill Falls and Upper Dill Falls

Dill Falls and Upper Dill Falls near Sylva Cashiers NC

Dill Falls and Upper Dill Falls near Sylva & Cashiers NC – Photo by NC Waterfalls

Dill Falls and Upper Dill Falls: Hidden Cascades in the Smoky Mountains

Dill Falls and Upper Dill Falls are two stunning waterfalls nestled in the scenic landscape of the Smoky Mountains in Western North Carolina. Located near the town of Franklin, these cascades offer a peaceful retreat and a chance to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the region.

The Trail and Access

To reach Dill Falls and Upper Dill Falls, visitors can follow a moderately challenging hiking trail. The trail is approximately 2.4 miles round trip and offers a rewarding adventure through a lush forested area. Hikers will encounter scenic views, creek crossings, and rocky terrain along the way. The trail culminates at Dill Falls, where visitors can witness the mesmerizing 50-foot waterfall. For those seeking an additional adventure, a steep and rugged path leads to Upper Dill Falls, offering a glimpse of a smaller yet equally enchanting waterfall.

Location and Directions

Dill Falls and Upper Dill Falls are situated near Franklin in Macon County, North Carolina. To get there:

From Asheville, head west on US-74 towards Franklin.
Continue on US-74 for approximately 63 miles until you reach the junction with US-23/441.
Take the US-23/441 South exit and drive for about 4 miles.
Look for the sign indicating the trailhead parking area on the right side of the road. This is the starting point for the Dill Falls and Upper Dill Falls trail.
Exploring the Area

While visiting Dill Falls and Upper Dill Falls, take the opportunity to explore the nearby town of Franklin and discover the attractions it has to offer. Some notable places of interest include:

Gem Mining: Franklin is known as the “Gem Capital of the World.” Enjoy the thrill of gem mining and try your luck at finding precious gemstones.
Appalachian Trail: Just a short drive away, hikers can access sections of the famous Appalachian Trail, offering stunning vistas and a chance to experience the beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains.
Nantahala National Forest: Explore the vast wilderness of the Nantahala National Forest, which encompasses a wide range of outdoor activities, including hiking, fishing, and scenic drives.
Experience the Splendor of Dill Falls and Upper Dill Falls

Dill Falls and Upper Dill Falls offer a serene and captivating experience in the heart of the Smoky Mountains. With their picturesque waterfalls, scenic trails, and peaceful surroundings, they provide a perfect escape for nature enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers. Plan your visit to Dill Falls and Upper Dill Falls and discover the natural wonders that await you near Franklin, North Carolina.

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