The temperatures over the weekend of January 20 were hovering around 15 degrees, also known as “power bill heart attack rates.” It was the type of evening where sane people would choose to stay cozy in their homes. We were certifiable.

We’d been working on adulting all day, stuck in the house for two days (remember those cold temps?), and we were ready for a fun evening out. Our friends were a little smarter than us, choosing not to venture outside. So, after asking for some advice from friends, we decided to venture across Cowee Mountain and hit up Balsam Falls Brewing Co. in Sylva, NC. Sylva is a great little town about 20-25 minutes northeast of Franklin, NC. This short drive allowed us to enjoy a little sense of out-of-town spirit without having to travel too far. Balsam Falls Brewing Co. is located on Main Street in downtown Sylva, amongst other fun hangout spots.

With the cold temps, Sylva‘s sidewalks were empty. Most folks were smarter than us and decided to stay home. We parked in an open spot on Main Street, but when my husband opened his car door, he decided to back up and move five more parking spots closer to the brewery’s front door. Nobody was interested in freezing, walking hand-in-hand romantically down the sidewalk. Nope, it was in the teens and this was about survival. We popped out of the car and ran inside. LOL

But there were some brave soles in Balsam Falls Brewing, the true reason my husband needed to escape the house – people. The atmosphere and vibe inside were both inviting and local. Seven or eight tables were full of friends and families all enjoying their conversations, food, and drinks.

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Balsam Falls Brewing’s unique decor and laid-back atmosphere will have you seating yourself and walking up to the bar to order food and drinks. Perfect for our evening’s expectations.

Lee loves locally brewed beers and was offered a sample of the owner’s favorite, Laurachi. I myself am not a beer fan, but I was excited to see a variety of cocktails with fun flavor combinations and decent prices. I decided on the Absofruitly, which had enough fruit juice in it for me to enjoy. AND, it was a good-sized cocktail drink compared to other places that give you a little short plastic cup with a swallow or two.

Once we ordered our drinks, we perused the menu while sitting at our high-top table. Lee loves a high-top table and often chooses to move his stool out of the way and stand at the table.


The brewery’s menu offers a wide variety of burgers, sandwiches and wraps, wings, flatbreads, salads, and smaller “kids” sizes available to kids of all ages (for the smaller appetites). Recently, we have become more aware of vegan and vegetarian meal options. This menu offers a variety of vegetarian options, including a portobello mushroom burger AND the option to substitute any burger variety with a portobello mushroom at no extra charge.

With a few TVs scattered throughout, we were able to enjoy our drinks and meals and keep up with the Australian Open and the football playoff games. The staff was very accommodating, friendly, willing to offer suggestions and take a minute to chat.

We enjoyed our evening in Sylva at the Balsam Falls Brewing Company and we think you will too. Make sure to check out all the restaurants in Sylva, NC and fun Sylva, NC activities at Eat And Sleep In The Smokies – Sylva NC or 828Vibes – Sylva NC.

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Chilly temps? Get you a cozy hoodie…

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