Gina Falls Near Sylva

gina falls pinnacle park sylva nc

Gina Falls in Pinnacle Park outside Sylva NC – Photo Hiking WNC

Pinnacle Park is a scenic outdoor destination, only five minutes from Sylva NC. There’s plenty of beauty to take in on the 2.2-mile hike up West Fork Trail – and what lies at its end will surely make it worth your while! Gina Falls awaits you: an off-trail trek leads through lush terrain to reveal two 35ft drops with cascades below; this stunning view can be found around the 4400-foot mark along Fisher Creek, offering intrepid adventurers wonderful photographic opportunities!

Hike Description from Discover Jackson

The trail is part of Sylva’s new Pinnacle Park. Hikers are required to fill out a permit before starting. Permits are free and are available from the trailhead kiosk.
Follow the obvious road from the parking area. At 0.2 mile, you’ll cross West Fork Fisher Creek. Remain on the main road to reach the junction with East Fork Trail, on the right. Continue straight on West Fork Trail. You’ll pass a neat split rock after 0.2 mile and reach a second creek crossing less than 0.1 mile farther. Now, the trail climbs more steeply. At about 1.25 mile from the crossing, you’ll cross a small stream.

In winter, look upstream to see a surprising waterfall. Don’t bother looking in summer. You’ll cross another stream 100 feet farther. It also has a waterfall high above. After a little more than 0.1 mile from this stream, you’ll cross another stream and shortly afterward swing to the left around a ridge.

At 0.2 mile from the last stream crossing, you’ll come to another creek, the largest one yet. To reach the falls, turn around and walk to a point about halfway between this stream and the left turn in the old road. Strike out through the woods toward the sound of falling water and head upstream on a slight angle. You’ll soon cross the small creek, from which you should be able to hear the falls well enough to go straight to it.

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