Pearson’s Falls – Tryon, NC

Pearsons Falls tryon-nc limozine photo

Pearsons Falls near Tryon, NC – Photo by Limozine

Pearson’s Falls: A Serene Escape in the Smoky Mountains

Pearson’s Falls is a tranquil and picturesque waterfall located in Polk County, North Carolina, near the town of Tryon. Nestled within the lush foliage of the Blue Ridge Mountains, this natural wonder offers a peaceful retreat and a chance to reconnect with nature.

The Trail and Access

To reach Pearson’s Falls, visitors can follow a well-maintained, family-friendly trail. The trail is approximately 1/4 mile long and meanders through a verdant forest, crossing over a charming footbridge. Along the way, hikers will encounter scenic views, unique flora, and the calming sounds of the babbling brook that leads to the falls. The trail concludes at an observation deck, providing an up-close view of the 90-foot waterfall and its cascading beauty.

Location and Directions

Pearson’s Falls is situated in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, near the town of Tryon, in Polk County, North Carolina. To reach Pearson’s Falls:

  1. From Asheville, head southeast on I-26 East towards Hendersonville.
  2. Take Exit 59 and turn right onto Saluda Road.
  3. Continue on Saluda Road for approximately 2 miles, and then turn right onto Pearson Falls Road.
  4. Follow Pearson Falls Road for about 1 mile until you reach the parking area for Pearson’s Falls and Glen.

Exploring the Area

While visiting Pearson’s Falls, consider exploring the nearby town of Tryon and the surrounding areas. Some attractions and activities to enjoy include:

  • Tryon International Equestrian Center: Horse enthusiasts will appreciate a visit to this world-class equestrian facility, hosting various competitions and events throughout the year.
  • Foothills Equestrian Nature Center (FENCE): This nature center offers hiking trails, equestrian activities, and educational programs that showcase the natural beauty of the region.
  • Chimney Rock State Park: Just a short drive away, this iconic park features stunning views, hiking trails, and the famous Chimney Rock monolith.
  • Saluda: A charming mountain town known for its arts community, historic district, and outdoor recreational opportunities.

Experience the Tranquility of Pearson’s Falls

Pearson’s Falls provides a serene and enchanting escape in the heart of the Smoky Mountains. With its gentle trail, verdant surroundings, and captivating waterfall, it offers a rejuvenating experience for nature enthusiasts and families alike. Make sure to plan your visit to Pearson’s Falls and immerse yourself in the beauty and tranquility of this hidden gem in Polk County, North Carolina.

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