Penland and Sons Department Store

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Family-run Business With Timeless Merchandise

Penland & Sons Department Store in Marshall, NC, established in 1926 by Everett Tweed and Jim Penland, is a storied establishment known for its timeless merchandise and enduring customer relationships. The store, now managed by George Penland, is a testament to traditional retail, holding onto products like “snuggies” and items that have been on the shelves for over 50 years. George’s knack for sales, a skill inherited from his father, and his deep connection with the local community has made Penland & Sons a unique and cherished part of Marshall’s history. The store also serves as a nostalgic time capsule, with mannequins from the 1940s and calendars from the 1950s, reflecting a bygone era of bustling downtown activity. This family-run business symbolizes a retail operation and a legacy intertwined with the town’s fabric, where trading and personal connections remain integral to its charm and appeal​.

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