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Piney Knob Hiking and Mountain Biking Trails in Murphy, NC

The Piney Knob Trails, nestled within the Murphy Watershed on Fain Mountain, cover more than 700 acres and offer a diverse array of hiking and mountain biking experiences. Initiated in 2010 to grant public access to this scenic area, the trail system has grown to include 13.5 miles of trails, all accessible via a paved entry road that accommodates all vehicles. This development reflects a concerted effort to provide outdoor recreational opportunities while preserving the natural environment​​.

The trail system features several loops that cater to different skill levels and experiences. The Gobbler, a 5.1-mile main loop, borders the watershed and includes around 414 feet of elevation change. It’s complemented by inner loop trails like The Grape Smuggler and The Flaming Azalea, offering shorter but equally engaging rides. Another highlight is the Rhodo-Coaster, a 3.75-mile trail that winds through rhododendron thickets and crosses several rivers, providing a picturesque ride through the heart of the watershed. Each trail is meticulously designed, adhering to the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) standards, ensuring a high-quality experience for all visitors​​​​.

The Piney Knob Trail System’s grand opening in November 2017 marked a significant milestone in its development. Planned to eventually span 22.3 miles, this network exemplifies the town of Murphy’s commitment to enhancing outdoor recreational facilities. With ongoing construction to expand and improve the trails, visitors are encouraged to respect the marked paths to ensure their safety and the preservation of the natural surroundings. The trail system’s establishment and continued development are supported by the Southern Appalachian Bicycle Association, highlighting the collaborative effort between local authorities, organizations, and the community to foster a vibrant outdoor culture​.
For more information, visit the Southern Appalachian Bicycle Association’s website for the Piney Knob Trails at

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