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Welcome to the gateway of Chimney Rock State Park, where you’ll find the charming Chimney Rock Village. This enchanting community, adorned with a blend of quaint charm and local quirkiness, welcomes you with open arms. Nestled on the outskirts of the state park, the Village boasts a delightful assortment of shops, eateries, campgrounds, motels, and the storied Esmeralda Inn. As you explore, make sure to savor a leisurely stroll along the picturesque Rocky Broad RiverWalk, a scenic pathway that winds gracefully along the banks of the Rocky Broad River.

This visitor guide will showcase why Chimney Rock Village should be on your vacation destination list.

Why Choose Chimney Rock Village:

Chimney Rock Village offers an authentic mountain experience that seamlessly blends natural beauty, outdoor adventures, and a warm community ambiance. Surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and boasting iconic attractions, this village promises an unforgettable getaway in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Popular Sites:

  • Chimney Rock State Park: Explore the awe-inspiring formations and trails within the park, leading to breathtaking viewpoints of the surrounding scenery.
  • Esmeralda Inn: Experience a touch of history and luxury at this charming inn, which has been a beloved part of the village for generations.
  • Hickory Nut Falls: At 404-ft. tall Hickory Nut Falls is one of the highest waterfalls east of the Mississippi. The waterfall gained notable fame for its appearance in the 1992 movie “The Last of the Mohicans,” particularly for hosting the film’s climactic final fight scene at its edge.

Outdoor Activities:

  • Hiking: Embark on a journey through the scenic trails that traverse the area, including those within Chimney Rock State Park.
  • Biking: Ride along picturesque mountain roads and immerse yourself in the stunning landscapes of the Blue Ridge Mountains.
  • Kayaking and Fishing: Enjoy serene moments on the waters of the Rocky Broad River, perfect for kayaking and fishing.

Annual Seasonal Events:

  • MayFest: Celebrate spring with this lively festival featuring live music, local artisans, and delicious food.
  • Chimney Rock Village Christmas: Embrace the holiday spirit with festive lights, seasonal decorations, and joyful community events.

Chimney Rock’s Four Seasons and History:

Chimney Rock Village experiences the beauty of all four seasons. Spring brings the renewal of nature and moderate temperatures, making it ideal for outdoor exploration. Summer invites you to relish warm days, water activities, and joyful festivities. Fall transforms the surroundings into a captivating canvas of vibrant colors, attracting leaf-peepers from far and wide. Winter graces the village with a serene charm, offering a peaceful atmosphere for indoor activities and relaxation.

History of the Village:

Chimney Rock Village boasts a rich history intertwined with the natural wonder of Chimney Rock itself. Over the years, it has evolved into a welcoming community that embraces its heritage while offering visitors an array of modern amenities and attractions.

Distance from Other Towns:

  • Chimney Rock Village to Asheville, NC: Approximately 26 miles (about a 45-minute drive)
  • Chimney Rock Village to Hendersonville, NC: Approximately 18 miles (about a 30-minute drive)
  • Chimney Rock Village to Charlotte, NC: Approximately 119 miles (about a 2-hour drive)

Plan your memorable mountain retreat in Chimney Rock Village, where natural beauty, outdoor adventures, and local charm converge! Explore the provided websites for more information on specific events, attractions, and things to do during your visit. Experience the magic of the Great Smoky Mountains and create cherished memories in Chimney Rock Village!


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