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Journey to the westernmost realm of the North Carolina Smokies, where Hayesville and Brasstown in Clay County await your discovery. This picturesque region offers a symphony of natural wonders, from breathtaking mountain panoramas to glistening lakes and an array of outdoor adventures. As you explore the landscapes, relish in the warmth of Southern hospitality from the friendly locals. Hayesville’s recognition as the #4 Friendliest Place to Live in America by Reader’s Digest speaks volumes about the genuine warmth that permeates the atmosphere.

Lake Chatuge: A Waterside Haven

Lake Chatuge emerges as a haven for aquatic enthusiasts, inviting you to bask in the pleasures of swimming, boating, fishing, and camping. This sprawling paradise is an idyllic playground, boasting over 130 miles of shoreline that cradle numerous captivating coves, perfect for indulging in fishing, water sports, and lakeside relaxation. The scenic beauty of the lake is embraced by the majestic embrace of surrounding mountains, creating a picture-perfect setting for leisurely strolls along the dam’s edge, where you can revel in spectacular vistas.

Blue Ridge Craft Trails and Cultural Exploration

Embark on a journey along the Blue Ridge Craft Trails, where local artisans’ talents unfold before you. From pottery to paintings, immerse yourself in the creations that exemplify the artistic spirit of the region. For a unique cultural experience, visit the nation’s oldest folk school, where Appalachian crafts and music traditions come alive. Don’t miss the chance to delve into the rich heritage of the indigenous people at the Cherokee Cultural Center, a captivating testament to the area’s history.

Embrace the Splendors of Nature

Hayesville and Brasstown’s natural treasures are ready to be explored through an array of hiking and biking trails that meander through their glorious landscapes. As you traverse these trails, you’ll encounter stunning mountain vistas and unspoiled wilderness, making each adventure memorable.

Dining and Warmth of Community

While the beauty of Hayesville and Brasstown captivates your senses, their culinary offerings captivate your taste buds. Indulge in the region’s flavors at the local dining establishments that reflect the area’s rich culinary heritage. More than just destinations, these towns exude a sense of community and friendliness that warmly embrace visitors.

Experience the Magic of Hayesville and Brasstown

Nestled in the embrace of Western North Carolina’s mountains, Hayesville and Brasstown offer an enchanting escape where the magnificence of nature meets the authenticity of local culture. With their proximity to Lake Chatuge and many cultural attractions, these towns beckon you to create cherished memories that will linger long after you depart.

This comprehensive visitor guide is your gateway to discovering the treasures that await you in this charming mountain town.

Why Choose Hayesville, NC:

Hayesville beckons with its serene landscapes, rich history, and a sense of community that resonates with visitors seeking respite in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Popular Sites:

  • Lake Chatuge: Explore the shimmering waters of Lake Chatuge, offering opportunities for fishing, boating, and lakeside relaxation.
  • Clay’s Corner: Immerse yourself in local culture at Clay’s Corner, a beloved gathering spot for live music and friendly camaraderie.
  • Historic Hayesville Square: A vibrant hub of history, culture, and community activities, deeply rooted in the town’s heritage and ongoing preservation efforts.

Outdoor Activities:

  • Hiking and Biking: Embark on picturesque trails that wind through the scenic beauty of the surrounding mountains, offering both leisurely strolls and exhilarating hikes.
  • Kayaking and Water Adventures: Dive into aquatic adventures on Lake Chatuge, where kayaking, paddleboarding, and other water sports await.

Annual Seasonal Events:

  • Punkin Chunkin Festival: If you have never seen a pumpkin fly, Punkin Chunkin is your chance. Catapults, air cannons, trebuchets, and other powerful machines toss pumpkins up to several thousand feet in a battle between champion Pumpkin Chunkers. Thousands of people come every year to see this hugely popular harvest festival.
  • Cherokee Heritage Festival: Learn about the Cherokee culture in your backyard. The 2021 Cherokee Heritage Festival is not to be missed! Come see demonstrations and dancing from the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.

Restaurants and Places to Stay:

  • Rib Country BBQ: Savor mouthwatering Southern barbecue flavors that capture the essence of Hayesville’s culinary scene.
  • Lodges and Cabins: Choose from various cozy accommodations that will ensure your stay in Hayesville is both comfortable and memorable.

Hayesville’s Four Seasons and History:

Hayesville’s beauty unfolds throughout all four seasons, unveiling a distinct charm. Spring brings blossoming flora, while summer invites you to bask in the warm embrace of the mountains. Fall graces the town with a vibrant tapestry of colors, and winter bestows a tranquil atmosphere perfect for cozy retreats.

History of the Town:

  • Hayesville and Brasstown, North Carolina, have a rich history dating back to the early 1800s.
  • Hayesville evolved from a trading post into the county seat of Clay County, witnessing generations of change.
  • Hayesville was named after State Senator George W. Hayes, who campaigned for a separate county seat.
  • George W. Hayes promised to introduce legislation for a new county seat, which swung the election in his favor.
  • In February 1861, the North Carolina General Assembly passed the legislation, naming the county seat Hayesville after George W. Hayes.
  • Brasstown has deep ties to Cherokee history and culture, part of the Cherokee Nation before European settlement.
  • The John C. Campbell Folk School, founded in Brasstown in 1925, preserves the cultural legacy of the Appalachian region.

Distance from Other Towns:

  • Hayesville to Murphy, NC: Approximately 13 miles (about a 25-minute drive)
  • Hayesville to Franklin, NC: Approximately 35 miles (about a 41-minute drive)
  • Hayesville to Hiawassee, GA: Approximately 20 miles (about a 30-minute drive)
  • Hayesville to Blairsville, GA: Approximately 25 miles (about a 40-minute drive)

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of Hayesville, where mountain charm, outdoor adventure, and rich history unite. For further insights into local events, attractions, and experiences, explore the provided websites. Let Hayesville embrace you with its warmth and authenticity, inviting you to create unforgettable memories in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains.


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